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Claims Consulting


Our claims consulting professionals assist in the pre- and post-loss design and implementation of strategies that reduce the financial impact of events. Extending significantly beyond the traditional scope of broker claims support, KEK  has developed a range of solutions that contribute to casualty and property risk management programs.

Diagnostic Review
Our claims consultants perform a complete diagnostic review of your loss history and all current claims management programs, including carrier, third-party administrator and adjuster contracts and internal processes. This diagnostic helps us deliver a series of recommendations for improvements that target operational efficiencies and reductions in the ultimate cost of claims.

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Innovative Solutions
Our solutions include our innovative Rapid Response model for property exposures, third-party administrator selection, claim reviews, claim audits, recovery and subrogration services, an accelerated claims closure.

Sustainable Improvement
We achieve and communicate results in economic terms,  presenting you with ongoing advice for further opportunities for sustainable improvements. We support your continuity and resilience goals and maximize the return on your insurance investment with effective claims advocacy. You will benefit from improved cash flow and reductions in collateral and claims administration costs.