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The word “accident” connotes both an unexpected and unintended event, Tissot Replica |replica rolex watches |Replica Rolex Daytona |louis vuitton handbags|Designer Fake Omega act or simply put; a mishap. Thus, literally speaking, all road traffic accidents are supposed to be unintentional and devoid of reckless acts or causes.
Regrettably however, it is on record that most of the carnage on our roads these days, originate from human error of which indiscipline by road users; particularly negligent drivers or motorists, rolex replica dominates the statistics.
Given the recent spate of accidents on our roads with its attending fatalities and injuries that befall innocent passengers, most of whom are mothers and breadwinners to several countless future leaders, I deem it a duty call as an insurance practitioner, to take all drivers (both commercial and private) through a mind blowing  lessons and revelation, in a bid to cause them to first panic, and then do a sober reflections of this unknown fact in order to change their negative attitudes on replica handbags the road and with the ultimate aim of testing a psychological means of combating the high rate of avoidable accidents on our road following this sensitization since existing methods being employed by the road traffic enforcement agencies are not solving the problem.
To first quote the scriptures, “For lack of knowledge, replica watches my people perish” – Hosea 4:6. Kindly now be my guests as we travel down memory lane to acquire knowledge so that we do not perish but rather ensure that the foregoing biblical fact is fulfilled.
The Third Party Motor Insurance Act of 1958 made it compulsory for all motorists to insure their vehicles in respect of their legal liabilities to third parties against accidental bodily injuries or death they (third parties) sustain in connection with the use of such vehicles.
By the very definition of third parties in this context, owners of  vehicles (policy holders), drivers or mates are exempted or not covered. Thus, compensations payable to such third parties as stated  in the above mentioned Act, does not cover vehicle owners, drivers and or mates who are in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.replica omega watches replica watches
However, as time went on, government and practitioners in the insurance industry decided to review this Act slightly in line with the exigencies of the time which sought to factor a limited third party property prada replica damage benefit as well as personal accident benefit to policy holders, drivers or mates as the case may be, into the minimum motor insurance cover which is now known as the third party motor insurance policy.replica watches uk replica watches
This notwithstanding, the present Personal Accident benefit or cover to the policy holder (insured) or his driver or mate, is GH¢500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED GHANA CEDIS ONLY) or ¢5,000,000.00 (FIVE MILLION CEDIS) in the old currency.
Thus, in a lay man’s language, the maximum compensation amount payable to a car owner, a driver (whether commercial or private) as well as a mate where applicable, is this meagre GH¢500 or ¢5,000,000.00 (old Ghana cedi).
In plain language or to call a spade; a spade, in the event of an accidental death or injuries like amputation of one or both legs, total and irrecoverable loss of sight in both eyes, total loss by physical severance at or above the wrist or ankle of one hand or both feet or the neck, not more than GH¢ 500 or ¢5,000,000 (old Ghana Cedi) shall be paid to the policy holder, the driver or the mate or any identified beneficiary of these three categories of victims unless there was the purchase of a separate PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE policy covering each of these named persons prior to the accident.
By not mincing words, most drivers; be they commercial or private drivers who died accidentally in Ghana after the promulgation of this Act up to date, either wickedly or unknowingly left a legacy which did not exceed GH¢500 to their beneficiaries or next of kin, depending of course from the angle which one wants to look at it.
Even then, the documentations and processes involved in making deceased or fatal insurance claims, could sometimes be more expensive than this amount since documentations like Police Accident report, Post mortem report, Power of Attorney, Letters of Administration, just to mention a few,are required to substantiate such claims but unfortunately, some officials like police officers, medical doctors, administrative officers, Lawyers or clerks at our Law courts, take undue advantage and extort unaccounted monies from these poor victims apart from the approved fee or cost. Consequently, some victims are not able to even start pursuing their injury claims which could be declared time barred when not reported and pursued within the first three years after the accident occurred.
It is however worth noting that all third parties including passengers, pedestrians and other road users who do not usually have much control on the cause of accidents are covered up to an unlimited amount , which is subject to negotiation in arriving at the quantum or where necessary, a reasonable compensation   amount is awarded by a court of law. In effect, an unlimited but reasonable sums of money can be claimed by such victims depending on replica watches several factors including the degree of injury, the level of income of the victim immediately before the accident, the likelihood of the victim(s) being permanently incapacitated or disabled for the rest of their lives, the number of designer replica handbags dependants the victim takes care of before and after the accident, cost of medical bills, as well as where, when and how the claim is being pursued, just to mention a few, can largely affect the quantum payable or receivable as against the maximum amount of GH¢500.00 PAYABLE TO DRIVERS NO MATTER THE DEGREE OF INJURY OR IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACTORS MENTIONED ABOVE.
It is therefore unwise for drivers who are the least paid victims of road accidents, to negligently cause “accidents” to happen as they are obviously the most pathetic or saddest victims of such mishaps in terms of compensation payable.
To address the situation, every Tom, Dick and Harry, must join this humble crusade to sensitize drivers on the risks they exposed themselves and their dependents to by engaging in reckless driving.replica watches replica watches replica watches replica watches
Media houses both print and electronic must augment the effort of the writer by spreading this frightening yet factual information to drivers who are the target for this write-up in both English and various local languages.
Root cause solutions like strengthening local driver certification system, Ensuring strict adherence and enforcement of our road traffic regulations and laws, improving the working conditions of stakeholders in the road transport sector with particular reference to the Police MTTU officers who sometimes also “negligently” enforce the road traffic regulations for personal gains, our court system or legal machinery must be “fast tracked” in handling  replica watches driver-related offences on our roads.
On the part of government and policy makers, our road network must be improved upon and be regularly maintained.
Insurance companies must make it a point to impress upon their clients and prospects on the need to purchase a Personal Accident Insurance policy as an added or necessary cover to any motor policy they patronise. This can fill the gap or lapses identified with the existing motor insurance policies as far as compensations payable to drivers and or policyholders are concerned
Special seminars and workshops must be organised regularly to various transport rolex replica watches unions nationwide to highlight the need for every driver to have a Personal Accident insurance policy.

Every Ghanaian or other nationals resident in Ghana must  continue to spread this gospel in a bid to jointly and severally combat this social canker which is consuming our human resources since we are all vulnerable.
In conclusion, our national orientation going forward, should be the fact that rolex replica watches every single life is needed to build Mother Ghana and we must simply resist or refuse to be killed. A word to a wise………is enough.
The writer is the Business Development Manager of KEK Insurance Brokers Ltd
and a regular guest of a TV education programme on insurance at TV3’S Sunrise Show

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